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Keep on the Path

At this event I am going to show you some things that you can actually do today to start on the path for business success. The decisions you make today will deermine what happens to you in the next several years. A life is what you live, a living is what you make, and that does not define you. To keep on the path, make sure you attend my 3 day hands on educational workshop.  No matter what your other commitments are in life, do not let them get in the way.

“Every so often, a blockbuster notion may break through that’s as unexpected as it is blazingly clear.”

This will be a life changing event for many people. It’s about epiphanies... how and why they happen, and if we can take conscious charge of the process. What’s encouraging is that many average people who attend my events are having epiphany-like realizations all day long:

  • How to Raise Capital for Your Business
  • How to Cross Market and Expand Your Existing Business Lines
  • How to Create Strategic Partnerships for Growth & Profits
  • How to Use Social Media to Attract and Retain Clients
  • How to Use Database Marketing For Long Term, Repeat Business
  • How to Dominate on Google
  • How to Tell Your Business Story and Connect with your Clients
  • How to Build The Business of Your Dreams

But here’s the good news, and a TRUE epiphany.

A great business success system is available, inexpensive, simple, and implementable.

By that I mean a step-by-step integrated business system that will help you streamline your strategy. Help you to put the target in your sights and pull the trigger with confidence. A system I will teach you at the workshop.

If you still need to register for the workshop above, or for more information about the workshop and presenters, call our support group at (800) 896-6032.

Register for the 3-Day Event
$87 (Includes you and a guest)

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Register for the 3-Day Event
$497 (Includes tablet pre-loaded with valuable resources, you and a guest)

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