Who is Kevin?

Kevin H. is a business owners who has used the latest advancements in weather technology to pioneer a revolutionary automated service for commercial building owners across the U.S. By mapping all hailstorms in the U.S., including hailstone sizes, he delivers highly accurate alerts to building owners and their representatives, triggering immediate property inspections and the timely filing of insurance claims. His company has saved its clients over $35,000,000.

He connected with Hilton Tax & Wealth Advisors for assistance with proactive tax planning, as he wanted to pay the lowest taxes possible in a legal, moral, and ethical way. Kevin H. purchased a tax plan that saved him $30,257 annually and subscribed to Tax Processing so that he could implement tax strategies that would allow him to:

– Employ a Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan
– Access corporate fringe benefits
– Maximize several deductions by 50% over what his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) had done
– Retain earnings at lower rates by using a C-Corporation designation.

While these tax planning strategies cut his audit risk in half, we still added audit insurance to his plan and will complete all his personal and business tax returns for half of what his current CPA charged.

Of the experience, Kevin H. has cited that, “My business is growing very quickly, and honest, ongoing tax and biz planning are crucial to retaining profits. I plan on picking the brain of Mark Miller’s team throughout the years to come. Thanks, Hilton.”

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