, congratulations on deciding to join our program!

The Real Estate Quick Start program is designed to help you apply Real Estate Investment strategies and master the basics over the next 8 weeks (60 days). You will learn how to:

  • Source and segment a market. Get deals coming to you.
  • Use contracts for maximum legal protection and negotiation.
  • Buy property for pennies on the dollar, through foreclosure, short sales and tax deeds.Improve your credit score and reduce your cost of borrowing money.
  • Build an investment pool, find hard money, and ask investors for money.
  • Buy only cash flow properties. Evaluate deals for good ROI & Cap Rates.
  • Pick the right location, community, or city for growth and appreciation.
  • The difference between residential and commercial.
  • Maximize the opportunities in commercial investing.

Whether it is a single family home to buy and hold (rent—although we prefer lease with option to buy) or a buy and flip, we will work you with side-by-side to help accomplish your goals. It’s important to understand the rewards as well as the risks of each investment.

We want to make sure you can get started with your program right away. In order to facilitate that, you are being provided with immediate access to On Demand web training portal. You should have received instructions on how to gain access to the training portal at the event you attended. Instructions are additionally included for you here:


Access to the On Demand Training Program

If you want to get on the fast track to building wealth, its time to experience the On Demand Training with OVER 60 hours of education and training. You will learn about: buying a mobile home park, residential facility, vacation property, seller finance, or using a land trust.

Plus: Web based software. Contracts, evaluation, or sourcing. These tools will put you on course for building a great real estate business.

Yours in success,

Real Estate Support Team