Determining Your Entrepreneurial Potential

Small business owners can encounter a variety of challenges as they begin to build and enhance their business. Today’s focus will provide you with the opportunity to identify the personality characteristics you have which will increase your chances of building a successful, full-time small business.

Compiled below is a list of the common personality traits shared by successful entrepreneurs. Make note of which traits best describe you and, upon completion, reference the corresponding Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment Scoring Key to see your results!
Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment Personality Traits

– Entrepreneurial Traits
– Innovative
– Self Starter
– Positive Attitude
– Strong Desire to Succeed
– Flexibility / Adaptability
– Good Work Habits
– Organized
– Decisive
– Strong Negotiating Skills
– Professional Appearance
– Insightful
– Good Listening Skills
– Confident
– Goal Setter
– Creative

Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment Scoring Key
If you noted:

– 10-15 of the personality traits best describe you then… You’re destined for success!
– 5-10 of the personality traits best describe you then… Congratulations! You possess the leadership characteristics necessary to start and build a profitable business.- Less than 5 of the personality traits best describe you then… Don’t despair. All of these personality traits can be easily developed with the help of The Business Development System.