James Smith, Jim Francis, and other instructors conduct Dare to be Rich workshops in conjunction with Get Motivated. These financial workshops cover a number of topics that help people SAVE and MAKE money.

At the workshop you will learn:

  • 3 Day hands on workshop about financial and real estate strategies.
  • 2 E books to get you started on the path to wealth.
  • Learn about creative finance and no money down deals.
  • Pick up properties for pennies on the dollar with foreclosure, and short sales.
  • Tax liens and Deed can earn, 8, 18, 25% ROI. Mandated by the government. Get your share.
  • Do bigger deals, with Adult Living Facilities or Mobile home parks (commercial).
  • Cut your real estate, business and personal taxes with strong tax strategies.
  • Protect your nest egg from law suites with asset protection.
  • Find money to do deals.
  • Build a rock solid credit history, and profile.
  • Establish your financial and personal goals (and PLAN)

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